Ferrum Engineering Inc. is capable of manufacturing products using multiple different materials:
CopperC10100 ASTM F 68
Stainless Steel
15-5 AMS 5659, 17-4 AMS 5643, 13-8 AMS 5629, 455 AMS 5617, 4130 AMS S 6758, 416 AMS 5610, and more.
Brass360 ASTM B 16-10
Aluminum6061 T651, 2024 T351, 7075 AMS QQ-A-225/9
PlasticAcrylic, PTFE Virgin
***Please call for a quote. This is not a complete list of our material capabilities.***

Small parts manufacturing and examples of masking/gold plating.

Mass production~thousands of parts.
Commercial Assembly

Medical Applications.